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Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Common Questions, Answered.

Why are these plans so different than your traditional free home and office delivery service?

With committed customer usage levels at these volumes, we can provide services more efficiently than the traditional on-demand method. The cost of providing traditional retail cleaning services contains many additional variables that are mitigated by these plans.

Is this offer available in the store?

Yes, a person may intitally sign up in the store, but once they’ve begun the monthly plan, one of our Garment Care Pro Specialists will make all pick-ups and deliveries to your home or office.

What happens if I am out of town on business or vacation?

With proper notification (1 week), we can place your plan on hold for the duration of your trip.

What happens if I send more than the plan allotment?

If we receive more than the number of eligible items, we will return the eligible items as the plan indicates. The additional items will come traditionally packaged at the traditional rate with a discount based on your plan’s basic rate.

What items are NOT included in the Garment Care plans?

Household items (comforters, sheets, rugs, drapes, etc.), formal gowns, leather items, outerwear (coats, raincoats, heavy jackets, etc.). If we receive an item that is not included in the plan, we will contact you and let you know what the additional amount will be to clean that item.

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