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Wash & Fold (Laundry Service)

Once signed up, you will receive 1 or 2 Gargantote laundry bag(s) for collecting dirty laundry. The Gargantote will hold up to 35 lbs. of machine washable laundry. On your assigned day of the week, place the Gargantote in the pre-determined drop off area. All items will be sorted and machine washed, dried, folded and placed in a clean Gargantote. This plan is for machine washable items such as towels, sheets, underclothes, t-shirts, jeans, etc.

Ready to Wear (dry-cleaning)

Once signed up, you will receive a Garmento bag to place your garments to be cleaned. This plan is for 6 or 10 garments per week and any items over this amount will be charged at the per garment rate of the plan. On your assigned day, place the Garmento in the predetermined drop area (front door, front porch). All items will be sorted, cleaned, pressed, placed on a hanger, and delivered to your home/office in a clean Garmento. The Garmento will be returned to the designated place the following week. This plan is for garments such as a dress shirt, polos, khakis, suit pants/suitcoat, dresses and dry clean only items.

*There are certain items that are not eligible for this plan such as formal gowns, leather items, household items, and other specialty items. We will contact you if any items fall under these terms.

Complete Garment Care

This plan is a combination of Wash & Fold and Ready to Wear plans. It consists of 1 Gargantote and 1 Garmento with 6 or 10 garments per week. This plan is great for the traveling business person who would rather spend their time catching up on more important things other than laundry.


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